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Here is a perfect business opportunity where you get to earn up to $1000 per client and the client benefits by saving hundreds of dollars per month on their debt payments. Plus, you get to earn management fees on others you bring into the program.

Business Opportunity Program Lets You Earn $1000 on Each Client You Bring in
If you can show this program to others, you can earn up to $1000 on each new client you bring in. You will receive your own personalized web link, complete with your contact information. When you have a person who is interested in saving thousands of dollars per year, you will assist in getting a mortgage application filled out and requesting the needed documents from the homeowner. We are hiring you as a contract processor, and thus can pay you a fee that is compliant with the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA). RESPA prohibits paying anyone a referral fee to bring in a loan, but we can pay you to assist in processing the loan information. With our program, you will receive free loan origination software and training via recorded and live conference calls. Mortgages are arranged through a mortgage banker that is licensed to do business in all 50 states. No separate licensing is needed by you.

Easy Marketing Methods
To market the program, simply add your web link to all your email messages you send out. Or, you can make or purchase inexpensive business cards using our template. Advertise your web link in internet forums, or even run classified ads in your local newspaper. Other ways to market include posting messages in free online classified sites (we will tell you how to find dozens of these sites), including Craigs List. You can also show this program to your family, friends and co-workers. You can register your own domain name for $5.99, and we will link it to your personalized site. Soon we will be offering a toll-free information hotline that you can give to others, complete with your own extension. Our system will capture the phone number of everyone who calls your extension, so you can follow up with them. You will also receive an auto-responder that lets interested prospects get on our newsletter that updates them on how the program can benefit them. Your contact information is at the bottom of each message sent. You receive the web link, training, software and auto-responder for a one-time fee of $49. If you participate in the program yourself, you do not pay any set up fee.

Here is a list of what is covered in the 16 page marketing package:

  • Marketing to Your Sphere of Influence

  • Marketing with Business Cards

  • Inexpensive Newspaper Ads

  • T-Shirt Transfers

  • Car Magnets

  • Free Voice Mail Service

  • Private Conference Calls

  • Creating Your Own Private Domain Name

  • Posting Messages in Network Marketing Forums

  • Posting Fliers in Stores and Banks

  • Investor Groups

  • Using Envelope and other Stickers

  • Posting Free Classified Ads

  • Using Signature Files

  • Marketing in Internet Newsgroups

  • Using Google Adwords

  • Internet Website Traffic Generators

  • How to Use Email Blasters

  • Bathroom Stall Stickers (quite unique)

  • Direct E-mail Marketing

  • Sending Post Cards to Business Opportunity Seekers

This is what is in the marketing guide so far. You get this with your signup.

To earn the full $1000, there are minimum requirements for the loan size. The minimum refinanced mortgage needs to be at least $100,000, with a 1 point origination fee plus a reasonable yield spread from the lender (we explain this to you when you join). If the amount being financed is less, your commission is reduced accordingly. The minimum loan size that we can do is $75,000.

To help you understand the business and how to market it, there will be periodic conference calls that will be announced. Calls will be recorded and made available for you to listen to you on demand.

Make Another $100 in Management Overrides From Those Your Bring in
When someone joins the program as a sponsor under you and writes business, you will receive a management override of 10% of what their commission is. If the sponsor earns $1000, you make $100. If you sign up 10 new sponsors, and each writes just 1 deal per month, that is another $1000 per month in residual income. This is not a multi-level program, just a way for us to compensate you on the work you do to bring others into the program. No income projections are being made and there are no guarantees that anyone you sign up will actually bring in any clients.

Get a Free Copy of Loan Officer 101 Plus the Secrets of Credit Repair
To help you understand the mortgage business, your $39 fee gets you a copy of the PDF version of Loan Officer 101. This is a training and marketing e-book that teaches you the fundamentals of the mortgage business, plus gives you many unique ways to market this service. You will learn all the terminology of the industry, plus learn the difference among all the various types of loan programs, and understand how personal credit affects the ability to get a loan. This is a valuable training and marketing tool, and is yours with your registration.

You also get a copy of "Credit Secrets Revealed". This is a PDF book that will teach you what is involved with credit repair. Section 1 shows you how to remove negative items. Section 2 shows you how to increase your credit score. It also covers unethical and illegal credit repair tactics. This package gives you the letters you need to send to the credit bureaus to get negative items removed from your credit report. It is a $39 package that you get free with your affiliate membership.

Get 170 Software Titles, Worth Over $7,000, FREE!
As an added bonus, when you become an affiliate, you will get a CD sent to you with over 170 software titles. You can click here to see what you get. Many of these titles will teach you how to become an internet marketing maverick and how to start many different internet based businesses.

Contact Your Sponsor Today
If you are interested in seeing how much money you can save, click on the savings analyzer link and enter your debts. If you want to see exactly how much you can save each month, contact your program sponsor. If you are interested in the business opportunity, also contact your sponsor or fill out the sign up form above.



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