If you are carrying too much credit card debt or other debt, and you have a hard time making your payments, if you have equity in your home we can increase your cash flow by hundreds of dollars per month. If you show this program to others, you will make up to $1000 for every new client you provide.

Eliminate Your Credit Card Payments or Other Debt Payments!
If you are a homeowner and have too much credit card debt, you can use the equity in your home to save thousands of dollars per year. Whether you have a regular job, or are self employed, or if you have good credit or bad credit, we may be able to refinance your debt at payment rates starting at just 1%. Instead of paying several credit bills each month, we can consolidate that into just one low payment.

Pull Cash Out for Any Purpose or Earn 16% Interest on Your Equity
If you need cash for things like college tuition, divorce settlement, home improvement, vacation, investments or any other purpose, you can pull it out of your home equity. If you have equity in your home, you can put it to work earning 16% interest, paid quarterly, by investing it in a real estate investment fund that lends to real estate investors who use the cash to purchase, rehab and resell properties. All investments are secured by mortgages and deeds of trust on the financed properties, so your money is not at risk. If you are sitting on $50,000 in equity, it can bring you $8,000 per year in interest income, and cost you as little as $250 per month in mortgage interest. Contact your sponsor if you are interested in this program. We can send you a formal offering and disclosure pacakge.

See How Much Money You Can Save Each Month With Our Savings Analyzer Tool
Click on the Savings Analyzer link to see how much money per month you can save by refinancing your mortgage. Simply fill out the form. In order to do this, it helps to have copies of your bills handy. There is an audio instruction button that you can click on to go through an example of how the program works. You will get a good estimate of how much money you can save each month with our program. If you are interested in moving forward, simply contact your sponsor and he or she can get you going.

Make All Your Interest Payments Tax-Deductible
If you are making credit card payments, car loan payments or other non-mortgage loan payments, you can not deduct your interest from your income for tax purposes. Once you refinance your debt into a new mortgage, you can then deduct all of your interest payments, saving you even more money.

Business Opportunity Program Lets You Earn $1000 on Each Client You Bring in
If you can show this program to others, you can earn up to $1000 on each new client you bring in. You will receive your own personalized web link, complete with your contact information. When you have a person who is interested in saving thousands of dollars per year, you will assist in getting a mortgage application filled out and requesting the needed documents from the homeowner. We are hiring you as a contract processor, and thus can pay you a fee that is compliant with the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA). RESPA prohibits paying anyone a referral fee to bring in a loan, but we can pay you to assist in processing the loan information. With our program, you will receive free loan origination software and training via recorded and live conference calls. Mortgages are arranged through a mortgage banker that is licensed to do business in all 50 states. No separate licensing is needed by you.

To market the program, simply add your web link to all your email messages you send out. Or, you can make or purchase inexpensive business cards using our template. Advertise your web link in internet forums, or even run classified ads in your local newspaper. Soon we will be offering a toll-free information hotline that you can give to others, complete with your own extension. Our system will capture the phone number of everyone who calls your extension, so you can follow up with them. You will also receive an auto-responder that lets interested prospects get on our newsletter that updates them on how the program can benefit them. Your contact information is at the bottom of each message sent. You receive the web link, training, software and auto-responder for a one-time fee of $39. If you participate in the program yourself, you do not pay any set up fee.

Make Another $100 in Management Overrides From Those Your Bring in
When someone joins the program as a sponsor under you and writes business, you will receive a management override of 10% of what their commission is. If the sponsor earns $1000, you make $100. If you sign up 10 new sponsors, and each writes just 1 deal per month, that is another $1000 per month in residual income.

Contact Your Sponsor Today
If you are interested in seeing how much money you can save, click on the savings analyzer link and enter your debts. If you want to see exactly how much you can save each month, contact your program sponsor. If you are interested in the business opportunity, also contact your sponsor or fill out the sign up form above.



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